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  Incredible Discoveries Searches for Home & Garden Products for Direct Response Partnership Opportunity POMPANO BEACH, FL, March 08, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ — Incredible Discoveries, a division of o2 Media, Inc., and one of the largest producers of direct response infomercials is in search of home and garden products. Incredible Discoveries is looking to employ their [...]

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Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime with Keenfit

The following segment aired on Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime Television. Joining Incredible Discoveries was Sheri Simson of Keenfit to discuss Keenfit Walking Poles

Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime Television Guest: Sheri Simson

Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime Television: Walking is something we do every day. We walk because we have to; we walk because we want to, and some of us even walk for exercise. Walking is one of the easiest forms of exercise we can do, even though most people don’t think of it as a workout. Believe it or not – as healthy as walking can be for you, you use less than 50% of your major muscles, regardless of how fast you go, or how hard you swing your arms. 30 minutes of moderate-paced walking only burns 112 calories.


Can you be sure you’re getting all you can from your stroll around the block? Now, you can burn 22% and even up to 48% more calories with each step by simply adding Keenfit walking poles. As seen on Incredible Discoveries, with Keenfit walking poles, you will enhance your daily walk by engaging over 90 percent of your major muscles. Turn your walk into a “total-body” workout – strengthening your arms, legs, back, and your entire core, while aligning your posture. You’ll do this all with less effort than walking, alone.


Walking is simply the best exercise because you can do it any time, any place. When you use the poles, you optimize how the rest of your body is experiencing the exercise. It’s really catching on; you see people with the walking poles everywhere. With the way that the economy is going, this is a nice, easy, cheap way to stay fit. Join the millions of people all across the world that are turning their daily walk into a more beneficial workout by using walking poles and incorporating the easy to learn Keenfit walking system.


Incredible Discoveries: I’m Brian Fasulo here at the beautiful spa beach in St. Petersburg, Florida for the Keenfit pole walking challenge. Here with me is my co-host, the energetic and passionate Sheri Simson, a.k.a. “the pole lady”. That’s right, she is not only the founder of Keenfit “the pole walking company” but a health and fitness ambassador – here to tell us how walking poles not only changed her life but why Incredible Discoveries viewers should take the Keenfit challenge today.


Simson: I’m so happy to be here and I’m so excited to tell Incredible Discoveries all about pole walking. I’m anxious to motivate them to try Keenfit walking poles and take the challenge today.


Incredible Discoveries: I think it’s kind of funny because we’re calling it a challenge, but as most people have found out, it’s not a challenge at all.


Simson: It really isn’t. It’s truly one of the easiest forms of exercise you’ll ever do, and one of the most beneficial activities you’ll ever try. Did you know that 30 minutes of pole walking is equal to 50 minutes of regular walking? That’s double your rewards in half the time.


Incredible Discoveries: You know, right now I’m sure people are sitting at home and are saying “What is pole walking, to begin with?” So let’s hear from Sheri.


Simson: Pole walking is a rhythmically energizing form of walking. It includes using a specially designed pair of poles that help you, with less effort, incorporate your entire body rather than just your lower body. When we walk without poles, we use less than 50 percent of our muscles. When we use poles, we use over 90 percent. It basically turns a simple walk around the block into an efficient, effective, aerobic total body workout.


Incredible Discoveries: Let’s first get to the benefits of what these walking poles can really do for you.


Simson: You know – you are going to love them. Some wonderful things happen when you use Keenfit poles. One of the biggest comments I get is, “I can’t get over how tall I stand”. You know, we’re a really bad nation for slouching, and when we slouch, we actually cause chronic pain in our shoulders, neck and spine, as well. We compress our chest cavities, causing ourselves to breathe shallow, and that’s not healthy for us. Just standing taller helps us to think clearer and have a lot more energy.


Incredible Discoveries: So, Keenfit walking poles can actually help me, because I’m guilty of having a slouch.


Simson: It distributes the weight differently. You become basically a four-legged animal, and in doing so, we lighten our load by over 26% of our weight. You know, humans are the only mammals that stand upright, so the Keenfit poles are really helping the way it should be. It increases our cardio as well as our calorie burn. As a matter of fact, they’ve done a study on a bunch of walkers in Cooper Institute, Dallas, Texas. The walkers registered their cardio and calorie burn. This group was taught how to use the poles and was instructed to not go any faster or any harder than what they were told. Guess what? Every single one of them increased a minimum of 20% in their cardio and they burned between 22 and 48 percent more calories.


Incredible Discoveries: Almost 50% more calories? That is unbelievable. So, using Keenfit poles is actually better for your body than regular walking?


Simson: I tell you, we used to think that walking was one of the easiest forms of exercise we could do, but I tell you, pole walking is not only easier on you, it’s easier to do, but a lot more beneficial.


Incredible Discoveries: Well, I guess that’s a major reason why millions of northern Europeans have been doing this activity for decades.


Simson: I don’t know if you realize this, Brian, but for over 20 years in Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, 80% of the homes own and use poles. And remember, 30 minutes of pole walking is equal to 50 minutes of regular walking.


Incredible Discoveries: It sounds like you can take a simple walk around the block and turn it into an efficient, effective, aerobic, total body workout and have fun doing it.

As one of the nation’s leading direct response marketing firms, Incredible Discoveries offers unrivaled production capabilities and the industry’s most professional creative staff. With over 125 dedicated and eager employees, Incredible Discoveries has the right people for every situation and the experience to make every campaign a success. To Incredible Discoveries’ credit is the Lifetime Network’s morning variety show, The Balancing Act. As well, the firm is a leading e-commerce provider, offering strong tie-in content to their TV spots. Incredible Discoveries is a division of O2 Media, Inc.

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Incredible Discoveries | Bill Bronchick: The SOLD System

The following segment aired on Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime Television. Joining the show was Bill Bronchick to discuss The SOLD System.

Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime Television Guest: Bill Bronchick

Incredible Discoveries: If you want to sell your house in just 30 days AND make more money, you need The SOLD System: How to Sell Your House Quickly in ANY Market!


Incredible Discoveries: Here at Incredible Discoveries we had the chance, very recently, to visit with a group of real estate investors in one of the nation’s toughest housing markets to see just how this Sold System works for them. Incredible Discoveries invited Bill Bronchick here to get additional advice. Far and away this system is the best system out there to help you sell your property in today’s market and sell it fast, key word fast.


Incredible Discoveries: What about technology, do you utilize the Internet and different marketing systems with it the Sold System?


Bronchick: You know, the entire world is changing and in my Sold System I have a complete resource directory of web sites that you must use and it’s not the ones you think to get your property sold quickly.


Incredible Discoveries: Bill Bronchick’s Sold System condenses the knowledge and experience of America’s top real estate industry experts into a neat, easy package for you to quickly absorb and put into action so you can sell your house fast and make more money. When Incredible Discoveries viewers put the principles of The SOLD System in action to sell your house, you’ll get amazing results too. Now, are you ready to sell faster and make more money? Here’s how to get started. Nothing is easier, it is just step by step by step, it is easy to understand and easy to do and it will give you all the confidence in the world.


Incredible Discoveries: Best selling real estate author and attorney Bill Bronchick shows you how you can sell your home in thirty days and make more money. On Incredible Discoveries, Bill shows you, step by step how to prepare your home for a quick sale, how to price it so you make more money than you thought you could, how to convince buyers it’s the only house they would ever want and even how to close the deal quickly and hassle free.


Bronchick: The right way to do open houses so you can do less of them and still sell your house faster and make more money. Any home in any market, whether it is a condo, town home, single family home, even multi units. You can use this information, it is practical, apply it now and get your property sold.


Incredible Discoveries: The complete, easy to learn SOLD System includes: Four easy to read manuals: In Volume, The Sold System, Incredible Discoveries viewers will learn Bill’s essential principles including Staging, how to Offer Attractive Terms, how to Learn Your Market and Competition and how to Develop a Killer Marketing Plan. In Volume 2, How To Go From Contract Through The Closing, Bill shows Incredible Discoveries viewers what it takes to get the deal closed and introduces you to sample forms and contracts you’ll encounter so you’ll always know what to expect. In Volume 3, The Resource Directory, Bill lists valuable resources to enhance your knowledge and keep you ahead of the real estate game. And in Volume 4, The Credit Manual, Bill explains why and how Credit is the most critical element in any and every real estate transaction you complete.


Bronchick: Altogether, The SOLD System is the most comprehensive at home real estate training program ever developed by one of the most successful real estate authors and attorneys in the nation.


Incredible Discoveries: You know, Mr. Bronchick, maybe why Incredible Discoveries viewers are applauding is because you are really sort of promising America that no matter what the market, when you follow the principles in your SOLD System you can sell your home quickly and at a fair price.


Bronchick: Absolutely. Even if the market is flooded with houses for sale and buyers are in the driver’s seat, there is always a buyer for a nice, well kept house that is priced right and has good terms.

Your program teaches you how to make sure your house is one on the street that sells, regardless of there are a bunch of homes for sale on the street. My program tells you how to present your property to make a buyer fall in love with it, how to price it so it sells fast and how to make the buyer feel good about paying you a fair price.


Incredible Discoveries: And that’s what the SOLD System is really all about, selling your house for a great price so you can get out fast.


Bronchick: Yes. When you follow my easy to learn system you will find buyers while everyone else is complaining about market conditions. You will find buyers while everyone else is complaining about the economy. While everyone else is complaining, you’ll be selling your house.


Incredible Discoveries: Right- do you want to complain or do you want to cash a check?


Bronchick: Exactly.


Incredible Discoveries: And you make it easy because the SOLD System tells you everything you need to do, it shows you how to do it from a lawyer and it gives you resources to help you through every step.


Bronchick: There’s nothing I don’t cover in this system. You’ll learn how to be smart, savvy and handle this and every future transaction like a pro.


Incredible Discoveries: For many people, using your program to sell a single home faster and make more money could be just the first step toward realizing much bigger dreams. When you apply the ideas and strategies in The SOLD System and see just how much more money you can make, compared to the effort you put into the project, you’ll not only sell your home fast and for more money, but chances are you’ll get the bug to become an active investor and acquire multiple properties.


Bronchick: Hundreds of my seminar students have done exactly that!



Incredible Discoveries, a division of o2 Media, Inc., is a fully integrated production and marketing company that specializes in both short form and long form direct response infomercial development. Incredible Discoveries has a unique approach that allows them to work side-by-side with product manufacturers in developing go-to-market strategies via multi-media venues. Incredible Discoveries hosts a team of dynamic professionals with years of direct response ingenuity and expertise. The unique and fresh approach of Incredible Discoveries to direct response programming has facilitated partnerships with some of the largest agencies and manufacturers in the world.

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